For Business to China

The world’s third largest country, the biggest population, the fastest-growing economy, the fastest growing middle class populations, all of these make her a dream and non-displaceable destination, for any company with international ambitious.

In these years, we are hearing the news that many international companies are leaving China, but meanwhile we still see everyday the aircraft flying to China crowded with businessmen from all over the world talking about their successful stories in China.

China, restricting it’s economy from cost competition to high tech and high value competition, is looking for advanced technology for better environment and better healthy life. The aging but wealthy society creates a golden mine, but cultural mystery, strong local competitor and different and complicate law system could be a big pitfall trap to your company.

Go-China is here to help you break the cultural barrier, disclose the mystery, understand the modern Chinese consumers, dive into marketing strategies for Wechat, Weibo, Douyin, Chinese bloggers and campaigns, with our insights about the people, the market rules and the commercial system.

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